How To Add A Job In MSSql Server

Today, I  want to talk about adding jobs to your MsSql Database. It is very easy if you do it with Sql Server Management Studio. Let me explain it step by step. First, login to your database and select “Sql Server Agents.”



Then select New Job from “Jobs” link. This screen will appear.


We will make a backup job. So select Database Maintenance from Category list. Then click on the Step button and give a name, select “Sql Server Integration  Services package” from Type and then select “Sql server agent service account ” from Run As list. Then select windows authentication and select the backup package we prepared before from the Package choice.


Then we will configure scheduling part. We will select “Recurring” from schedule type in order to take backup of the database every time period. We will select frequency to “Dailly” and select hours in 12 hours so job starts every 12 hours. And we configure the starting time and ending time. We will select start date from duration and we select no end date for not ending of the working job.

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