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PrimeNg Paginator Example

Today, I want to talk about PrimeNg Pagination. I will give you an example of PrimeNg Paginator. First we must add this code to our ts file.


PrimeNg Context Menu Example

Today, I want to talk about PrimeNg ContextMenu. Context Menu property is very usefull for PrimeNg table  operations. Let’s make a PrimeNg Context Menu Example. First we must prepare the html code below.


PrimeNg Progress Bar

Tonight I want to show you how easy to make a progresbar with Prime Ng.  As usual we must add progressbar component to the app.module

Second step is using it in your html...


PrimeNg DataTable

Now let’s dive into PrimeNg data table component. In this post, we will develope a good PrimeNg dataTable example. It has wonderfull properties such as pagination, sorting, resizing etc.  At first we must add...