How To Install GeoServer

How To Install GeoServer

Today I want to talk about GeoServer. What is GeoServer and how to install GeoServer ? It is a GIS web application to show geometric data and publish it on the web. We can also use it for wms, wfs wmts etc. Geometry Web services.

You can install GeoServer from this web site . If you want to install it for windows, just download the zip file and open it to a suitable folder in your server. We need to install java in order to use GeoServer. You can start GeoServer with “Startup.bat” file from the bin directory.

We will install extensions to integrate GeoServer with databases such as MsSql or Postgres or etc. There are also lots of usefull extensions at When you download your extension zip file, you should copy the file into the “\geoserver-2.16.2\webapps\geoserver\WEB-INF\lib” directory. At the same time you need to restart GeoServer after copying the new file.

Lets integrate our GeoServer with MsSql database. Firstly you must download extension file and copy it to lib directory. After that we must create a workspace.

Save the workspace and create a new Store select MSSQL from data souces. If you dont add the MSSQL extension you could not select it.

And then we will enter the configuration info as you see below

We will continue to talk about GeoServer our next posts. Take care yourself and have a healthy day in these Corona Days.

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