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How To Install GeoServer

Today I want to talk about GeoServer. What is GeoServer and how to install GeoServer ? It is a GIS web application to show geometric data and publish it on the web. We can...


How To Use Threads In Java

Today, I want to talk about threads in Angular. Sometimes our services takes much longer time than we expected. And the service could get time out error. We must use services with threads in...


Top 10 Developer Tools

Today, I want to talk about software development tools. I use all of this tools and they are very usefull for me. You can code faster with their help. There are always some tools...


What Is Oracle Materialized View

Today, I want to talk about Oracle Materialized View. What is Oracle Materialized View, it looks like a copy of a view or table. It is same as a table with row data. A...


How To Use C# List In Javascript

Today, I want to talk about using C# List in javascript. If you have an Asp.Net MVC Web App, you need to send a list of data from controller to your html page. Now...


PrimeNg Treetable Example

Today, I want to talk about how to make a PrimeNg treetable example. Let me explain what the tree table is. You can use tree table data format to display hierarchical data in tabular format....


How To Make View In Oracle

Today, I would like to talk about how to make views in Oracle. But before that I want to tell you when we need a view in Oracle.  You can use views in many...


How To Make Subquery In Oracle

Today, I want to talk about to make Subquery in Oracle.  A subquery is a SELECT statement that nested inside another statement such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE. You need this operations for...


PrimeNg Paginator Example

Today, I want to talk about PrimeNg Pagination. I will give you an example of PrimeNg Paginator. First we must add this code to our ts file.


PrimeNg Context Menu Example

Today, I want to talk about PrimeNg ContextMenu. Context Menu property is very usefull for PrimeNg table  operations. Let’s make a PrimeNg Context Menu Example. First we must prepare the html code below.