How To Install PHP And Web Tools

Today I want to talk about php programming language. It is very popular in web development especially in freelance programmers. This language has built in with C. And working extremely fast. You can use it with mysql db which is also free.

Lets start to install PHP. You can do it in several ways. It can be downloaded and installed from PHP. Org web site. But it has some complex steps if you do it via  I prefer to install it with XAMPP tool which is easy and compact way and that contains much of your requirements such as MySql, Tomcat, Apache and PHP. Download it from this link.

Than install it by clicking next. At the end of installation you will see a control panel which you can start and stop programs (PHP,Tomcat vs..) that you need while developing a basic web app. Start all the programs from control panel. After installing XAMPP, take a look at to localhost as if PHP is working.

Click on to “phpmyadmin” link to change your password of Root user.

Now you must change the “” file in xampp/phpmyadmin directory. Open it and change  auth_type property to ‘cookie’ and change your password in it. Now your localhost page open by cookie and you don’t need to login with password.

That’s all. Next post I will explain how to write your first PHP project in XAMPP. See you later.

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