New Features In .NET Core 3.0

Today, I want to talk about new features of .NET Core 3.0.  You can download .NET Core 3.0 from this link.

When installing finishes, you can see all of the templates with this command “dotnet new –help” .

The most interesting new feature of .NET Core 3.0 is, it supports for building Windows Desktop applications.

Have a look at some of new features comes with .NET Core 3.0

  • Side-by-side and App-local Deployment:  The .NET Core deployment model is one the biggest benefits that Windows desktop developers will experience with .NET Core 3. In short, you can install .NET Core in pretty much any way you want. It comes with a lot of deployment flexibility. Deployment of .NET Core desktop applications can either use a global install of the .NET Core runtime (similar to how .NET Framework is deployed), or side-by-side deployment so that each application uses its own version of the runtime.
  • Easily convert existing Desktop applications to .Net Core 3:  The conversion of existing desktop application to .NET Core 3.0 will be pretty straightforward. NuGet is part of the build and responsive to changes like target framework update. Supports multi-targeting. You would be encouraged to change the project files to the newer SDK based structure for your  Windows desktop application to work on .Net Core 3.
  • Continue to support Controls, NuGet Packages, and Existing Assembly References:
    Desktop applications often have many dependencies, maybe from a control vendor, from NuGet or binaries that don’t have a source any more. .NET Core 3.0 will continue to support dependencies as-is without requiring developers to rewrite functionalities.

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