PrimeNg Treetable Example

Today, I want to talk about how to make a PrimeNg treetable example. Let me explain what the tree table is. You can use tree table data format to display hierarchical data in tabular format. You can use it for a well appearance of your html page.

Now lets look at the html code.  We will use lazy keyword and set it to “true” in order to not pull the child data  from database. When we click on the tree button, it goes to onNodeExpand method and pull the data from DB.

And this is the component code below. Firstly we pull all the product key data. After, we pull data if we clicked the tree button.

And this is our model code we use it to keep data.

You can have a look at this link if you interested in PrimeNg Paginator Example or  if you interested in  Android SignalR Chat.


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